Today I got a call from the flooring place where I get tiles for my coaster business

They had about 75 slate tiles that are 4″x4″. These tiles were going to be greatly discounted. They thought of me and wanted to offer them to me first. I got all 75 for $15. That comes out to 7 cents per tile + tax. I got these so cheap that if any experiment does not work, it is no big deal. They also let me know during this call that my 8″x8″ travertine was in as well. I got those at my usual price.

I also have been working on January’s budget, tweaking it some. As I stated in a previous post, we have a stockpile of money in our medication envelope. Since it has built up we are moving some of that to the furniture envelope since we are wanting to buy a couple of recliners. If we should have to unexpectedly plow through our medication envelope we will redirect the money back to it.

We will have to make a regularly occurring tax payment next month so dh and I are getting $$ ready for that. It does not have to be mailed till next week. However we have started the process so when we must mail it, all the funds will be in place.

We also talked briefly about Social Security. He is not near retiring but reminded me that we need to think about salary adjustments starting 3 years before he begins to draw it. Dh is almost 59 so it’s not an immediate thing to do but it is not far either. He would like to wait till late 60’s or maybe 70. This topic got on the agenda today because my dad brought up how he basically lives on SS, though he does have retirement elsewhere. He rarely has to tap that other retirement money because he is completely debt free and has pretty much lived that way all his life. So … getting debt free early lets us all start saving and dreaming for the retirement lifestyle we want to live.

DH also looked at what we can put in our HSA to fully fund it next year. It is a slight bump up and every little bit helps. We try to save it for high dollar expenses, kind of like what Jan and her dh is going through, or contacts for me or glasses for dh. Dh’s prescription for glasses is not cheap, he has to have a prism ground into one of his lenses. Other expenses like regularly prescribed medication or sick visits to the doctor get paid via line items in the budget.

Guess that is enough for now.

What did everyone else do?

As you already know

this last couple of weeks have been all about getting my dh well. I am staying at the hospital with him for numerous reasons. Several people have remarked about how expensive that can be. For me it is cheaper for me to stay here. We live roughly 50 miles from the hospital, so it would be a 100 mile round trip each day if I were to come up once per day. My dually gets 20 mpg give or take. So 5 or more gallons a day at $2.80 per gal. That right there would be $14 or more per day. I generally spend $15- $20 per day on food here and I take $150 payday loans online at GSHLoans Inc with no credit check. I am not having to supply the groceries, the utilities to cook the food, and more importantly I don’t have to do dishes. Most important is I am where I want to be and I can be an advocate for my dh. Not to mention I am getting all sorts of research done.
reply from Jen:

We have been where you are, but with our dd. I totally understand all your points on why you are staying put at the hospital. Insurance, if one is fortunate enough to have it, is great but it does not cover everything. Once when dd was in the hospital for 28 days we ended up receiving a parking pass from one of the social workers. We were there so long one of the public cafeterias thought we were employees and start giving a discount. It was several days before we realized the meals were a little cheaper than they had been.

You may want to check with the social worker or a VA rep to see of there are other things that can be done to help you since your stay has already been lengthy. Possibly a complimentary meal per day or a further discount on meals. Sometimes if you order through your family member’s room it is a little cheaper. Maybe you are already getting your food that way. If you are paying for parking, see if you can get a pass for free/discounted parking.

We were also told we could get juice or other snacks through the patient “kitchen” on the floor. It was a room where there was a fridge/freezer with juice, milk, popsicle, etc. We were on the pediatric floor so this may not be the norm.

If you have Aflac you might have other coverage that has not been explored so check that too.

I think the name should be changed to a debt score

It reports on how well you leverage debt as if that is a good thing. I don’t mind my score being in the toilet at this point considering that I pay for everything – EVERYTHING with cash. There was a long time I fought my former mortgage company to keep my account reported as paid. The last car I financed back in 1990 something, I held on to its payment history as long as I could to keep a “good” score, but I finally let it sink in that having an “in the tank” score was truly financial freedom. People do me a favor thinking that I’m not a good risk.Truth be told, when I went to buy my brand new car almost 5 years ago and the finance manager gave me the loan app and I asked him how much and pulled out a cashier’s check for shockingly close to the amount he said and put the rest on my debit card, the look on his face was…beautiful!

Yes it is all crazy!

My poor sister was hoping to get a mortgage loan this year, and since she has no credit cards, paid her car loan with all on-time payments and saved up about 30% cash for a downpayment she really thought she would be seen as an eligible candidate.


Lenders (several!) have told her she needs to open 3-4 “lines of credit” and use them lol.

Why should a good score be based on the fact that you want spend more money than you have? She’s been responsible on her modest income, caring for 4 children and saving, saving, saving.

She and I talked about it and she’s decided to just continue saving cash for now, because she doesn’t want any credit cards! Maybe in another few years she’ll have enough cash to buy a fixer upper home and then put in some sweat equity.

I just looked on CreditKarma

and discovered that Transunion doesn’t care about utilities accounts, but Equifax does. They’re tracking my electric bill account, so I have a 13 year history. That means they don’t ding me for a short credit history after I closed all my other accounts. Transunion only shows me as having a 10 month history on the Visa I got last April so I could rent a vehicle in Reno. Just something I found interesting…