Paid in full and closed! SOOOO HAPPY!

Next up to bat is the Discover, but thats next month.

March budget is complete, and luckily its a crazy work month for me so I was able to tweak the budget I have set for food, travel and leisure. We have the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show this month, and my company operates a booth there. All month I work my usual 8-4 and then work 430-10 at the rodeo. And I have many saturday and sunday nights too. The plus side to the crazy month? Paid cash for the rodeo hours, and should make an extra $1500 because of it. Also, all my work meals are free all month due to the overload hours, and I sure won’t have time to spend money elsewhere lol.

So, you may not hear much from me this month, but I’ll be working up a large snowball for that Discover card 🙂

I have started working on Nov’s budget

Most months it’s just tweaking since not much changes around here. We have given our long-term care insurance agent the go-ahead to pursue the policy we chose. Have to go through the medicals to get approval. He is also checking into a rider for dd. I really don’t think she’ll pass the medical part due to her history but we are going to try it. One thing we found out is that not that many agents/companies sell LT ins here. Maybe it’s different in other places.

It is ironic that this agent has read several of DR’s books but still believes in whole life insurance. We do not have any other insurnace thorugh him other than the long term care are applying for. He seems to like several of DR’s ideas but has not drank the cool-aid yet.

We are working on getting things together for our accountant. Gonna try to have it there by the end of the week. Since we have to pay every year now we are not in a hurry to write that check. 🙁 Our accountant files for an automatic extension for everyone, as most accountants do. Last year it was like October before we actually filed. First time since we bought out my dad taht we ever filed that late. I told dh that I didn’t like filing that late and to ask if we can get bumped back up to the top of the pile.