Well, groceries will vary by region and family

but I budget $600 a month for a family of 6. That includes toiletries, paper products, diapers(she’s almost done, YEA!) and dog food for our large mutt.

I bulk shop, bulk cook and shop for loss leaders. I also cut down on convience foods. Not entirely rid of them yet, but SO much closer than before! LOL

If you want specifics, let me know!

Still living in gratitude

DD18 doing better….at least she’s eating, drinking and showering all on her own and sleeping through the night. She has two more DR visits this week….

Can I say how grateful we are for a FFEF? We blew through $1k with DD/family, and GLAD to have done it.

Landlord being a putz. We still have enough money in the MMA to buy up to a $75k house (mortgage loan people said “at worst case” to cover closing etc. we should have 10% in cash). DD18 being ill has made my working outside the home not necessarily viable like it was. But I have $1050 worth of umpiring baseball games over the next 90 days, which I can do without jeopardizing taking care of DD18 (for the most part.)

We talk to the mortgage people again this wednesday. Find out what else they need uploaded in order to make an offer and have it go through. We may end up sending DS19 out there the end of April to take possession of the house and be living on the kindness of strangers for the month of May. I ended up putting a lawyer on retainer (that sounds so much more impressive than it is) with all the stuff that’s going on with landlord, DD18, buying house, etc. Re-upped with LegalShield.

Honestly, they’re not good for much, but at least they can look over a contract, maybe send a letter to get my Landlord to back off if it comes to that etc. (I anticipate since he’s already reneged on giving us to October and changed it to June 1, that he’s going to renege on that too, and give us a 60 day notice, which will mean the last month of school for the kids, we will be scrambling. Yes, he’s that big of a jerk.)

On a more upbeat note, I have cleared out about 1/2 of my food storage crates and repacked stuff, clearing up a bunch of crates. There’s a shocker: our supplies are low, since we went through most of it during DH’s unemployment.

Once I get through the food storage I am going to start packing up the house. One way or the other, we are likely going to be in Texas in 90 days. We will probably just bring enough to get by…and have to save up $3k to move it in a UHaul later. (That was plan B anyway.)

I think the name should be changed to a debt score

It reports on how well you leverage debt as if that is a good thing. I don’t mind my score being in the toilet at this point considering that I pay for everything – EVERYTHING with cash. There was a long time I fought my former mortgage company to keep my account reported as paid. The last car I financed back in 1990 something, I held on to its payment history as long as I could to keep a “good” score, but I finally let it sink in that having an “in the tank” score was truly financial freedom. People do me a favor thinking that I’m not a good risk.Truth be told, when I went to buy my brand new car almost 5 years ago and the finance manager gave me the loan app and I asked him how much and pulled out a cashier’s check for shockingly close to the amount he said and put the rest on my debit card, the look on his face was…beautiful!

Cindi says to tell everyone thank you for the prayers and suggestions

She is definitely checking on everything everyone has suggested. Saturday she came back to the “neighborhood” to see if even one item was salvageable. And one item is exactly what she found, but it wasn’t hers. She has no idea where it came from, but she feels it is a sign from God.

Laying in the smouldering ashes of what had been her home for 14 years was a small ceramic figurine, burnt, but in pretty good condition considering. It was a Phoenix.

I don’t know your beliefs, but I am with her it is a sign that she shall rise from the ashes of this challenge, just as the fabled Phoenix did.

It is now her cover photo on her fb page as a reminder that it is all going to be okay.