Thanks Jane!

Yes, you understand me and my situation….and you know Michigan’s housing market. This stinks but we’ll go back and ask more questions and check out another bank, too…we might be stuck with what we got but we’ll see!

I’m guessing she’s looking for a

lower monthly payment due to a longer amortization. Sometimes the immediate financial help is more important than the higher amount of interest paid over time. Been there, done that…

Their job is to make money

Waiving the closing costs cuts into their profit. Providing the appraisal cuts into their profit. A small town bank probably doesn’t make enough money to give away perks like that.
Rolling the closing costs INTO the loan means the loan is higher by $2500, which the house won’t support. Regardless of their fees, it sounds like thay can’t give more than about 70% Loan-to-Value(86K is about 68% of 126K). THAT is your deal-killer. I’m in a similar situation, although a bit worse because I’m underwater. My loan is an ARM with a balance of $101,500. I’d love to refi to a fixed rate, but the house is worth less than $80K. So the property won’t support the loan that I need.
In your case, you’d have to find a different bank that would support a higher LTV – you’re looking at about 90%. Problem is, such a loan would have ridiculous interest rates, so you’d essentially be right back where you started, AND be out the appraisal and closing costs…


If there are fees and that just gets added into the loan won’t that mean you will be paying interest on that amount also?

What is your interest rate now?

Have you run numbers with current interest rates to see if you can drop the payment that much? They won’t refi a student loan into a mortgage. You probably don’t have enough equity to roll all the other debt into your house.

I have started working on Nov’s budget

Most months it’s just tweaking since not much changes around here. We have given our long-term care insurance agent the go-ahead to pursue the policy we chose. Have to go through the medicals to get approval. He is also checking into a rider for dd. I really don’t think she’ll pass the medical part due to her history but we are going to try it. One thing we found out is that not that many agents/companies sell LT ins here. Maybe it’s different in other places.

It is ironic that this agent has read several of DR’s books but still believes in whole life insurance. We do not have any other insurnace thorugh him other than the long term care are applying for. He seems to like several of DR’s ideas but has not drank the cool-aid yet.

We are working on getting things together for our accountant. Gonna try to have it there by the end of the week. Since we have to pay every year now we are not in a hurry to write that check. 🙁 Our accountant files for an automatic extension for everyone, as most accountants do. Last year it was like October before we actually filed. First time since we bought out my dad taht we ever filed that late. I told dh that I didn’t like filing that late and to ask if we can get bumped back up to the top of the pile.

I will suggest it…

can’t hurt for her to ask, right? I actually looked into them myself out of curiosity though when I read about them from DR, but they have a pretty average/below average reputation. Lots of complaints, and I also read DR may just endorse them because he’s childhood friends with the owner. Maybe, maybe not though?

I agree wholeheartedly with most of what DR preaches, but I also am a skeptic.

Has anyone here had any experienced with Churchill?

As you already know

this last couple of weeks have been all about getting my dh well. I am staying at the hospital with him for numerous reasons. Several people have remarked about how expensive that can be. For me it is cheaper for me to stay here. We live roughly 50 miles from the hospital, so it would be a 100 mile round trip each day if I were to come up once per day. My dually gets 20 mpg give or take. So 5 or more gallons a day at $2.80 per gal. That right there would be $14 or more per day. I generally spend $15- $20 per day on food here and I take $150 payday loans online at GSHLoans Inc with no credit check. I am not having to supply the groceries, the utilities to cook the food, and more importantly I don’t have to do dishes. Most important is I am where I want to be and I can be an advocate for my dh. Not to mention I am getting all sorts of research done.
reply from Jen:

We have been where you are, but with our dd. I totally understand all your points on why you are staying put at the hospital. Insurance, if one is fortunate enough to have it, is great but it does not cover everything. Once when dd was in the hospital for 28 days we ended up receiving a parking pass from one of the social workers. We were there so long one of the public cafeterias thought we were employees and start giving a discount. It was several days before we realized the meals were a little cheaper than they had been.

You may want to check with the social worker or a VA rep to see of there are other things that can be done to help you since your stay has already been lengthy. Possibly a complimentary meal per day or a further discount on meals. Sometimes if you order through your family member’s room it is a little cheaper. Maybe you are already getting your food that way. If you are paying for parking, see if you can get a pass for free/discounted parking.

We were also told we could get juice or other snacks through the patient “kitchen” on the floor. It was a room where there was a fridge/freezer with juice, milk, popsicle, etc. We were on the pediatric floor so this may not be the norm.

If you have Aflac you might have other coverage that has not been explored so check that too.

Credit Bureaus are just so stupid

Been listening to FPU cd’s. Trying to follow Dave and laugh at my ever lessening credit score. Still makes me mad that I have paid my bills on time 95% of the time (with the 5% being last year when DH was unemployed) and that gives me an “F” on creditkarma and a “poor” on Transunion. Sallie Mae finally reported at the year end, that my daughter’s student loan, which I cosigned for, was paid off.

So it went from showing $25,000 on my credit report to $0.

And I’m still an “F” and a “poor” credit risk.

What the…really? They’re just stupid.

Itching to SPLIT!

Background: 7 Children, two medically complex with frequent surgeries, our daughter with Spina Bifida just had hip/pelvic/femur repair and is wheelchair bound for 4+ more weeks and we won’t know if she will regain her previous mobility until that 4 weeks comes and goes. We live in a split level house (4 levels) and it is NOT accessible…we’re hoping to get her custom wheelchair in this summer.

We have two main loans (besides house loan) to pay off…one expires in Sept 2015 and the other Sept 2016.

I want to move NOW! We have 7 children and I’m itching to just split outta here!

We’ll pay off the smaller loan ($3800ish) in 3 months and the other one ($5800ish) 6 months after that. So, no we won’t be moving this year (BUMMER) but maybe next year!

So hard to be patient when I just want out of here now!

Cindi says to tell everyone thank you for the prayers and suggestions

She is definitely checking on everything everyone has suggested. Saturday she came back to the “neighborhood” to see if even one item was salvageable. And one item is exactly what she found, but it wasn’t hers. She has no idea where it came from, but she feels it is a sign from God.

Laying in the smouldering ashes of what had been her home for 14 years was a small ceramic figurine, burnt, but in pretty good condition considering. It was a Phoenix.

I don’t know your beliefs, but I am with her it is a sign that she shall rise from the ashes of this challenge, just as the fabled Phoenix did.

It is now her cover photo on her fb page as a reminder that it is all going to be okay.

Pay off!

Woo hoo! We paid off our 2011 federal tax return today!!! It was $25K, so it is a big relief to have it finally gone. It’s only a $100 a month snowball, but getting to cross one off the list is a wonderful feeling. It was such a bummer when we found out we had to “pay” that year. 2012 and 2013 we got refunds which helped to get the balance down faster, but I thought we had another year until we paid it off. I logged into the IRS today and saw that the balance was only $236 and DH said just pay it off! So I did!

State is getting low too, under $2K, so hopefully that will be paid off this year too!

It’s a good day!