I love your story about buying your car

We no longer finance either, even cars. If we can’t pay cash without it negatively affecting our financial situation, we don’t buy it, no matter what it is. We do not buy new cars. The last car purchase was dd’s car, which she paid for, in cash. It was a 2013 Impala, beautiful condition inside and out, with less than 700 original miles! She bought it this past December. It was so cool to see her do that. Oh, dh and I threw in a little at the end as part of her Christmas, enough to cover tax, title and license. That was minor compared to what she put in. We have a relationship with the sales manager at this dealership, less than 3 miles from our home. We feel very blessed to have found some impressive deals like this with dd’s car and our last one, an Acadia. The sales manager is keeping his eye out for a Suburban-esqe type vehicle for us that is in similar condition to dd’s Impala … low miles, no history of wrecks or engine/transmission trouble, etc. We know the time will be right when the right vehicle comes about. When you’re not in a hurry, like us, you can afford to wait for the right deal.

When the right deal comes along I am not sure what we’ll do w/our current vehicle situation. Dh has said he’ll drive my Acadia and do something with his truck, which is older. Currently we are using it to carry our craft show stuff. Our new vehicle will have to be big enough to handle it or we’ll have to see about renting a trailer as needed or buy one.

Dh will keep his old car, a ’77 Monte Carlo. That is his baby. It won’t sell till dh passes away or he scores a car he falls in love with more than this one. He his fixing up his baby with cash and it is not financed either.

About credit scores and reports. We have not checked ours in a few years. I am not worried about our scores since we bought a home we can spend our retirement years in. Since it is one story we don’t have to worry about negotiating stairs, etc. Big enough but not too big.

I am so thankful that dh and I are on the same page about debt! I am believing this year will be an excellent year financially and that we will be able to write a check within the year to pay off our house. I am having faith!