Itching to SPLIT!

Background: 7 Children, two medically complex with frequent surgeries, our daughter with Spina Bifida just had hip/pelvic/femur repair and is wheelchair bound for 4+ more weeks and we won’t know if she will regain her previous mobility until that 4 weeks comes and goes. We live in a split level house (4 levels) and it is NOT accessible…we’re hoping to get her custom wheelchair in this summer.

We have two main loans (besides house loan) to pay off…one expires in Sept 2015 and the other Sept 2016.

I want to move NOW! We have 7 children and I’m itching to just split outta here!

We’ll pay off the smaller loan ($3800ish) in 3 months and the other one ($5800ish) 6 months after that. So, no we won’t be moving this year (BUMMER) but maybe next year!

So hard to be patient when I just want out of here now!