Paid in full and closed! SOOOO HAPPY!

Next up to bat is the Discover, but thats next month.

March budget is complete, and luckily its a crazy work month for me so I was able to tweak the budget I have set for food, travel and leisure. We have the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show this month, and my company operates a booth there. All month I work my usual 8-4 and then work 430-10 at the rodeo. And I have many saturday and sunday nights too. The plus side to the crazy month? Paid cash for the rodeo hours, and should make an extra $1500 because of it. Also, all my work meals are free all month due to the overload hours, and I sure won’t have time to spend money elsewhere lol.

So, you may not hear much from me this month, but I’ll be working up a large snowball for that Discover card 🙂